Wednesday, September 1, 2010

A Little Bit of This and That

September 1 already?! How the heck did that happen? With the wonderful weather that we're having, it hardly feels like autumn is just around the corner. Of course Northern California usually sees its best weather during September and October when the fog disappears and temperatures really warm up.

You might have noticed some slight changes on the blog-o. Did you happen to see the Twitter feed that I added in the right column? Not only have I established a Twitter account, but I've also re-joined Facebook! Earlier this year, for a variety of reasons, I decided to leave Facebook, and quite honestly I didn't think that I would reactivate my account. Whoever said "Never say never," got it right because I recently decided to join the world of Facebook again, and I am having a much better experience than I did when I originally joined. So, if you are a Facebook member, feel free to drop me a line so that I can add you as a friend.

Do you enjoy reading? If so, I have a book recommendation for you. Check out Perfect on Paper - The (Mis)adventures of Waverly Bryson by Maria Murnane, available for purchase on Amazon. One thing that I love about the book is the fact that it is set in San Francisco. I love reading books that take place in the city that is literally in my backyard. How neat is that? Also, I consider this "chick lit," which is one of my favorite type of books to read. Here is a synopsis of the book (taken from the back cover):
"Waverly Bryson is a successful business-woman in her late 20s who almost has it all: a dream job in sports PR, two best friends, and a bar where everybody knows her name. What she doesn't have is a ring on her finger. And after being ditched at the altar, she's in no hurry to get one. Besides, plenty of other issues keep her busy, including her wayward father, a new rival at work, and an ever-nagging fear that her life is not turning out as she thought it would...or should. To stay sane, Waverly makes a habit of jotting down "Honey Notes," self-deprecating bits of single-girl humor that she hopes one day to develop into a line of greeting cards. As Waverly stumbles back into the dating scene (no stalkers or jeans shorts, please), her personal and professional lives threaten to collide. Perfect on Paper reminds readers that everyone has had a bad date (or twelve), and that everyone needs a best friend to tell them, "Honey, you are not alone.""

One final note about this book - I met the author, Maria Murnane, this past weekend during a book signing event. Maria told an amazing story about the journey she experienced while writing this book and attempting to get it published. To learn more about Maria Murnane, visit her website at

Despite experiencing a lot of disappointments this year, I can honestly that "life is good" at the moment. I'm looking forward to the change of seasons, and my favorite holiday, Halloween, is just around the corner. I'm settling into my new job and finding many things that I really enjoy about it. I'm also excited to begin taking some graphic design courses which will start later this month. Without a doubt the next several months will be busy, but I'll still be taking time to post on my blog.

I recently enjoyed having brunch in Burlingame with some wonderful people, and we all shared one of our favorite quotes. I'll wrap up this post with a quote that I found quite inspiring:

What you think, you create. What you feel, you attract. What you imagine, you become.
-Adele Basheer

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