Saturday, January 1, 2011

Happy New Year - 2011

Hoping that the first day of 2011 is off to a wonderful start for you, and that many good things will come your way throughout the year! Perhaps some of you have already made resolutions for 2011, or maybe you are spending some time today thinking about some of the things that you would like to include in your life this year. I tend to skip making resolutions, but I do like to take some time to reflect on the positive aspects of my life and think about how I can continue to "accentuate the positive."

While it's nice to start fresh with a "New Year," I think it's also important to remember that each day allows us the opportunity to make a change for the better. Without a doubt, we will all encounter bumps in the road, but the beauty of life is that we don't have to wait for the New Year to do something different or make a change!

I hope that you'll take some time today, and throughout the year, to reflect on the joys in your life and what is working for you in the present moment.

As always, I'll finish this entry with a quote that reflects my thoughts:

Sooner or later we must realize that there is no one station, no one place to arrive at once and for all. The true joy of life is the trip.
-Robert J. Hastings

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